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Royal Park Mansion

House Code:SW0135447
SIP Apartment

5 Bedroom

2 Bathroom


General info

The star is 220 thousand. It is located inthe central commercial culture area of Hudong, the intersection of ZhongxinBoulevard East and Zhongnan street. Adjacent to the Suzhou Sports Park (ZaiJian), children's Hospital of Suzhou City, close at hand, planning subway lineNo. five or six, funzone Park Primary School, foreign language school,Singapore Foreign Language School and other schools gathered, AEON ParkShopping Center, Auchan commercial center, Huarun business center and aplurality of Park neighborhood center etc. busy supporting camouflage.The star on the waterfront in doublebuilding, modern architectural style, elegant landscape, pan Club theme leisurespace, into 5 major construction technology, the introduction of intelligentcommunity of modern services, the introduction of international brands, withfive of the world's largest one of the first Pacific Davies featuring aproperty consultant, a comprehensive upgrade in the quality of new people.so-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast;mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri;mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin'>、Suzhou Children's Hospital, Metro Line 1, Planning Lines 5 and 6 are within easy reach, Fangzhou Primary School, Park Foreign Language School, Singapore Foreign Language School and other famous schools, AEON MALL Park Shopping Center, Auchan Commercial Center, China Resources Busy supporting facilities such as the business center and multiple campus neighborhood centers. Star AD, built on the shores of the two waters, modernist architectural style, elegant garden landscape, the theme of the general leisure space, integrated into the five major building technology, the introduction of smart community modern service content, the introduction of international first-line brands, hire the world's five major banks One of the first Savills Davis is a property consultant to fully upgrade the quality of the new Hudong residence.


  • Shopping Mall:
  • Hospitality:Chirden's Hospital
  • Equipments in the compound:
  • Bank:
  • Others:parks
  • Market:Auchan supermarket、’China Vanguard、Aeon Mall


  • Distance Line 1 Zhongnan Street Station 1000 Meters


  • central air-conditioning
  • Duplex
  • North-south Transparent




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